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Purpose, Goal and DNA

Company purpose

At Renewco we exist to create value both economically and environmentally,  our view is that we are responsible for creating a sustainable future.

We develop high quality renewable energy projects that will accelerate the deployment of clean energy assets that will enable countries to de-carbonise their power systems.

We are proud to be at the heart of the global energy transition and our contribution across Europe and beyond will be significant.

Our Goal

To accelerate the deployment of clean energy by developing 10GW of utility scale solar PV, wind and storage assets across Europe and the U.S within 5 years. 

We will innovate and actively explore storage and green hydrogen technologies alongside wind and solar in order to push the boundaries of what can be done in the renewables field.

Our DNA is made up of 4 key ingredients, we are:


We seek out opportunities. We understand the risks involved in development and how to mitigate them. Our approach is flexible and tailored to each market and opportunity.


We have skills across the board in the team from development, finance, and off-take. Clever people, good brains, and years of experience enable us to provide the right expertise at the right time

Trusted Partner

We have a history of working together, a successful track record of delivery and the financial backing of SSE plc


We are comfortable setting big and bold goals and objectives

Get in touch

We are interested in engaging with wind and solar asset owners, land-owners, developers and funders.

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