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Energy Storage

Energy storage is now one of the most bankable low carbon investments. This is because its capability has grown tremendously with long life, numerous revenue streams and falling costs. Storage is now at a point where it is commercially viable in almost all of the markets we operate in. This is true for both standalone and when co-located with wind and solar.

We believe that energy storage is a key enabling technology for the grid to be able to balance renewables by providing ancillary services, capacity support and reducing network investments. As such, we look at energy storage on almost every project we do.

Leveraging our expert internationally recognised resource, and that of our strategic partners, we are building the business case for energy storage across all of Renewco’s key markets.

That includes batteries co-located with solar and wind, plus utility scale storage for transmission and distribution network operators.

Alongside battery, the market for hydrogen powered by renewables is coming of age. Green hydrogen not only supports downstream industrial clients and transportation, it can also overcome critical bottlenecks in the grid.

If you are interested in any of the above topics, then please reach out to us to explore ways we can work together. This includes co-development opportunities.

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