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About Renewco

Renewco Power was formed by a highly experienced team of entrepreneurs and renewable sector specialists in 2021. Our team have been involved in deploying more than 10GW of renewable power in over 50 countries.

We believe clean energy is a force for good, making the world a healthier and more sustainable place to live.

Renewco’s founders have exceptional track records with 100+ years combined renewables development and finance experience who have built successful companies in solar and wind power, creating meaningful benefits for local communities, while generating strong returns for institutional investors.

Renewco is focussed on developing onshore wind, solar PV, battery storage and green hydrogen projects. We are actively developing ~ 5GW of renewable projects in 4 markets: UK, Spain, Italy and the US and are on track to have a 10GW development pipeline by 2025. Development of these high-quality renewable energy projects will enable countries to de-carbonise their power systems and help local communities to thrive. 

Renewco employs more than 40 people across our 4 core markets.  The company is headquartered in Glasgow and has offices in Edinburgh, London, Houston, Madrid and Seville.

Renewco is backed by Corran Environmental, a fund advised and managed by Corran Capital who raised investment capital from leading UK utility company, SSE plc.

> 100 years

of renewables development and investment experience

> 10 GW

solar and wind assets successfully developer in 50+ countries

> £2 billion

financing raised for development and construction

We believe clean energy is both an attractive business opportunity, and a force for good that can make our world a healthier and more sustainable place to live.

The demand for renewables and energy independence has never been greater. We are proud to be at the heart of the global energy transition.

Our mission is to accelerate the deployment of solar, wind and battery power sites to enable countries to de-carbonise power systems.

We carry out our business in an innovative, sustainable, ethical and professional manner.

We adopt the highest standards of health and safety, environmental and business practices in all our activities.

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