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Renewco Assembles an Experienced Team

Since Renewco Power’s launch in September 2021, our team of passionate renewable energy entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge and experience of our industry has been added to with more individuals possessing impressive track records.

Our founding team, holding over 100 years’ experience of renewables development and investment experience, had a track record collectively of over 10 GW of solar and wind assets, successfully developed in over 50 countries. They had also raised over £2 billion worth of financing for development and construction.  From this strong base we have grown considerably in a short period of time.

To name but a few new additions to our team, Richard Koiak, Head of On Shore Wind, with nearly two decades experience in the delivery of all aspects of large-scale energy projects,  Andrew Crossland, Battery Storage Manager, with a PhD in energy storage. Our team to date boasts a variety of skills and experience in many aspects with the knowledge needed to provide a platform for accelerating the deployment of solar, wind and battery storage systems.

Our additions to the team have also enhanced Renewco’s knowledge and experience across different locations where we want to operate in. Daniel Perez, Solar Technical Director, became our first employee based in Madrid followed by Pedro Perejon, Business Development Director based in Seville.

We took the decision to engage a number of renewables executives as strategic advisors in key areas to accelerate market access including Italy and US which is proving to be a good decision.

We have hired two graduates who are set to start in September. We are eager to invest in the future of the industry, team development and benefit from diversity in the team as well. For a young company such as ours, this is an impressive step in growing and diversifying the team.

Our experience across commercial, storage, development and locations has provided us with the knowledge, contacts and technical capability to reach outstanding milestones quickly such as last week’s acquisition of a 1.5GW pipeline of early stage utility-scale solar projects alongside 500MW of battery storage projects from Beaufort Rosemary.

HR Director Debbie Hayes has commented:

We have a strategy around growing and developing our talent and ensuring diversity in the team.  We recognise we have a challenge to ensure we grow our diversity to enrich the teams’ capability and we are not there yet, but our recruitment has been strong and targeted and our strategy on diversity will see us improve our statistics in this regard in year 2 and 3.

Please visit our LinkedIn page at for more information on our recent additions to the team.

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